About Moi

About Moi
My Name is Brittany, and I'm 23yrs old. I was diagnosed with Lupus when I was 15, and then diagnosed with RA, when I was 18. I also got married when I was 18, and I'm enjoying my happily ever after with my hubby! When I got married, I was slim and trim...But not for long. After getting married, I started to gain a LOT of weight! In 1yr, I gained 50lbs! Finally, I went to the Doctor, where I discovered I have low thyroid. After being put on medicine, my weight gain slowed down, although over the next 3yrs, I gained an additional 26lbs. When I was 20yrs old, I got yet another diagnoses of Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. That's 4 diagnoses in a 5yr period, if you lost count. They all effect my weight, in one way or another. Add on top of that, my love affair with food, and every 1 of those 76lbs gained was accounted for. Being 76lbs over weight is unhealthy for anyone, but it was especially unhealthy for me, and my health issues. Since starting this blog, in Jan-2010, I have lost 40lbs! I'm a new, slimmer, and healthier me! Before losing weight, I was told I needed knee replacements. Losing weight was the ONLY tool I had to help me hold off on that life changing surgery. Since losing 40lbs, my knees have never felt better! My husband and I are also trying to start a family, but my PCOS was not going to make it as easy as 1,2,3, as I didn't have periods on my own. My doctor had told me if I wanted a baby, I HAD to lose weight. Since losing 40lbs, I've had regular cycles for the first time in my life! Which is very important when trying to have a baby ;) This journey of mine is more than me simply wanting to wear skinny jeans. It has been a quest to becoming :Deliciously Healthy, so ALL of my dreams can come true! I'm almost half way there! With each new day, I get closer and closer to my goal of 120lbs, and becoming :Deliciously Healthy!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Lately I've Been...

~A blog slacker. Still.
~An emotional wreck. Look at me funny, and I'll cry. My poor hubby. He's so confused. Hormones?
~Rebellious. I don't know why? If I see a brownie, I'll eat it. Why? Because I'm being rebellious. Well, and because it's yummy ;)
~Annoyed at myself. Some of the naughty little things I ate, weren't even good. I just ate them because I wanted to prove some kind of silly point. I didn't believe in myself. I think the success I've been having scared me, in some weird way. I sabotaged myself.
~1 pound heavier, due to my rebellion.
~Excited to have family come visit.
~Anxious and nervous to have family come visit. I was pushing myself to be a certain weight before my in-laws came, which resulted in me rebelling against the entire thing. If you can't beat em, join em.
~Lazy. I haven't put together a grocery list, or gone grocery shopping, which is a recipe for disaster.
~Sad. I feel like I had a pretty little vase (my healthy living, and diet plan), but I dropped it, and it shattered.
~Optimistic. I have some crazy glue, and all the little pieces from my pretty little vase. I can put it back together, and it'll look prettier then ever before! I've only had about 3 days of rebellion, and they weren't full days of bad choices. Just a bad meal here, and a bad snack there. Surely I can turn this around, right?
~Excited to cook up a healthy storm again! I'm seriously craving it! I ate a hamburger from Wendy's a couple nights ago, and that thing was seriously gross! Afterwords, I felt sick, weighed down, and I had heartburn all night! Can you say, not worth it? My taste buds have seriously changed. They've gone Deliciously Healthy, and they're never going back! ;D
~Grateful. For the support my husband gives me. How he believes in me, even when I don't.
For my blog readers, who I heart!

Things I've learned:

~ I have to believe in myself. Nobody else can do this but me. I have to be on my side, be my own cheerleader, and do this for me. Like I said before, I didn't even want to eat some of the things I ate. I simply wanted to sabotage myself. Why? Because I didn't believe in myself.

~Not putting together a grocery list, and going grocery shopping, is like totally stupid. I need to plan out my meals, and stick to them.

~I need to blog more. It lifts me up, and holds me accountable.

~One mistake leads to the next. It started out small. Not doing something I should have, or eating a tiny little piece of something I shouldn't have. Before I knew it, my bad decisions were getting bigger, more disruptive, and I was headed to Wendy's. I need to recognize when I'm getting off track, even if it's just a tiny little step, and do what's needed to make sure I stay ON track.

And there you have it folks. I've been bad. I had one of those stupid rocks in my path, and it totally made me trip! I've dusted myself off, and I'm continuing on, hoping no one saw...that's always embarrassing ;) After all, this is one of the most important walks of my life. It's beautiful, and it has many, many rewards along the way. A little rock isn't going to take those away from me.

I'm going to have a very Deliciously Healthy weekend, and I hope you all do too! ;D


Anonymous Fat Girl said...

Stop slacking and get back to blogging!!!! LOL

I feel you girl. I've been slacking a bit the last week or two on the blog front too.

It's okay, you can always jump back on at anytime and I'll be reading. :)

Andrea @ CanYouStayForDinner.com said...

Brittany, you have such incredible insight and perspective about yourself and your weight. I love that you are so willing to search for the reasons why you do the things you do and why you feel certain ways. Don't be down about a little slip, it's truly not going to matter in the long run. You are only more determined now to do your best. The fact that you recognize that maybe you were scared and therefore sabotaging yourself is remarkable- not many people ever ever know themselves that well!
I love your blog, your positivity, and your enthusiasm so much- you'll get back into it, girl! I believe in you!!

:Deliciously Healthy said...

Thank you Andrea! You're so sweet!


Anonymous said...

What a great post!! Such internal digging...not a lot of fun, but worth it every time.

Shake it off girl...we all stumble...

divad said...

One mistake may have lead to the next, but ONE GOOD CHOICE LEADS TO ANOTHER! You are starting back with one good choice and it WILL lead to another. I believe in you.

Jessica - cbgblog said...

guess what... couple of awards for you on my blog!

Tammy said...

Excellent post Brittany....you're not alone with the slipping, we all do it. Nothing to dwell on, just get back on the wagon! You're going to be just fine...I totally believe in you! :)

Unknown said...

you can get right back into the swing of things I believe in you! :) :) And you should blog more I love to read your blog!

my blog: mollymariegetshealthy.com


Tiff said...

I've been slacking on the blogging too- and it REALLY frusterates me! Life just gets so busy...I'm trying not to be a slave to this blog though- you know? Oh well- doesn't mean that we can't ROCk regardless of whether we are blogging or not. C'mon- let's fight like hell for the life we deserve- it's the only way it's gonna happen!