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About Moi
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Putting almond butter to the test.

I had been wanting to try almond butter for a while (like a year), but they don't carry it at my normal grocery store. That meant that I had to go to a "special" store to get it. That = waiting an entire year until I finally talked myself into going to two different grocery stores to do my grocery shopping, so that I could get me some almond butter. Yes. I am that pathetic. I hate grocery shopping. It's a character flaw.

When I finally had the almond butter in my kitchen, I took one taste of it, said I didn't like it, and put it in my pantry closet as I bitterly mumbled under my breath about the $4 wasted.

It seems that everyone likes almond butter. I started to wonder if I was one of the rare few that didn't like the stuff, or if I had possibly been too hard on the poor almond butter. So, I took it back out, and
put it to the test

If I was going to bring almond butter into my life, it needed to be just as good as peanut butter, on the things I normally put peanut butter on. (did that make sense?) So, I tried almond butter and peanut butter, side by side on the things I usually put PB on:

Crackers:Peanut butter: Delish as always.
Almond butter: Not too shabby. I can definitely see myself doing this.

Apple slices:Almond butter:
Peanut butter:
Good. But I liked the almond butter better.
I was as shocked as you.

And last, I had to see if AB could replace the PB in my PB and J:And it did.
Here are the facts:
Peanut butter:Almond Butter:Almond butter has less saturated fat. It has significantly less sodium, which earns it some brownie points from me. And it has more vitamin E, calcium, and iron.

I've decided that the almond butter can stay.
No body was more happy about this then the almond butter.

Do you like almond butter?
What do you like to spread your peanut butter, or almond butter on?


135by2012 said...

I love that you did this taste test. Half way through your post I said, I wonder what the nutrition facts are and next thing I know, they magically appear. LOL!

The real question is: Will you go out of your way to buy the almond butter again?

PS - I end up going to at least 2 grocery stores a week when we shop. This weekend, we went to 4! Then again, I like grocery shoping. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have the same issues I got almond butter and didnt like it (of course I tried it in oatmeal first try so maybe that was the issue) I think I need to give it another try also. I always go to 2 to 3 stores for grocery shopping but its because I love trader joes and whole foods but cant afford to buy all my stuff there so I have to buy what other stores dont have there.

Kelly said...

May give it a try, been wondering about it. Thanks for post.

NAN said...

Both are red light foods for me...I prefer crunchy though! My favorite snack has to be nuts or a cube of good cheese; I completely have given up bread and crackers.

Becca said...

I'm addicted to peanut butter, but sometimes i like almond butter in smoothies or with apples, and it's really good with carrot sticks!

Anonymous said...

i love almond butter! if you ever find a recipe for it let me know :)

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of peanut butter and am nervous to try almond butter, but your post is giving me hope that I might actually like it.

Kat said...

I still can't get into Almond Butter...maybe because I can't just let it be AB instead of PB?

I'm definitely a PB on oats and in toast-type of girl.

Bella said...

I've never tasted Almond Butter, but it is one of those things that I should try. I thought the nutrition info on it would be better. I guess less sodium and more vitamins are good, but with the way everyone jumped on the AB bandwagon, you'd think it was a miracle. :)

I love your taste test, and I'm glad you found out that you like AB.

Anonymous said...

I put an overripe banana in the freezer overnight so it gets hard. Then I put the banana, 1/2c. almond milk and 2tbs of almond butter in a blender. One of the best after work-out snacks ever!