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About Moi
My Name is Brittany, and I'm 23yrs old. I was diagnosed with Lupus when I was 15, and then diagnosed with RA, when I was 18. I also got married when I was 18, and I'm enjoying my happily ever after with my hubby! When I got married, I was slim and trim...But not for long. After getting married, I started to gain a LOT of weight! In 1yr, I gained 50lbs! Finally, I went to the Doctor, where I discovered I have low thyroid. After being put on medicine, my weight gain slowed down, although over the next 3yrs, I gained an additional 26lbs. When I was 20yrs old, I got yet another diagnoses of Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. That's 4 diagnoses in a 5yr period, if you lost count. They all effect my weight, in one way or another. Add on top of that, my love affair with food, and every 1 of those 76lbs gained was accounted for. Being 76lbs over weight is unhealthy for anyone, but it was especially unhealthy for me, and my health issues. Since starting this blog, in Jan-2010, I have lost 40lbs! I'm a new, slimmer, and healthier me! Before losing weight, I was told I needed knee replacements. Losing weight was the ONLY tool I had to help me hold off on that life changing surgery. Since losing 40lbs, my knees have never felt better! My husband and I are also trying to start a family, but my PCOS was not going to make it as easy as 1,2,3, as I didn't have periods on my own. My doctor had told me if I wanted a baby, I HAD to lose weight. Since losing 40lbs, I've had regular cycles for the first time in my life! Which is very important when trying to have a baby ;) This journey of mine is more than me simply wanting to wear skinny jeans. It has been a quest to becoming :Deliciously Healthy, so ALL of my dreams can come true! I'm almost half way there! With each new day, I get closer and closer to my goal of 120lbs, and becoming :Deliciously Healthy!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

After almost 6 years of marriage...

...We finally got ourselves a toaster.
I have no idea what took us so long. I think it somehow got turned into a game- let's see how long we can make it without a toaster.
Answer: 5 years, 7 months, 11 days, 18 hours and 35 minutes.

My husband was excited to have a toaster strudel.I took one bite of his, and that was enough for me. Reading the ingredients and nutrition facts on these things, will help you do just that.

And I couldn't wait to get my hands on a nice and toasty
, with turkey bacon.I like mine lightly toasted.
My husband likes his burnt.
Who knew? :)

Can you live without your toaster, or do you use it everyday?


Red Deception said...

I rarely use a toaster. I don't eat much bread as it is, so I don't have much of a need! I occasionally toast an english muffin when I get a craving, but like I said, it's a rarity.

135by2012 said...

Did you just use your broiler to toast things or were you totally toast free for the past 6 years? I can't imagine a life without my toaster. Even if I don't touch it for months, I like knowing it is there. ;)

NAN said...

I have an old one I bring out when my son visits- he has a piece of toast with PB every morning. In the old days, I had a little toaster oven I did use- it was great for those 'unhealthy' frozen pot pies I liked. I haven't had one for years! My daughter your age has no coffeepot so when I visit, I'll will miss my cup of coffee in the early morning unless I buy one! I HATE instant.

erica said...

I have a hello kitty toaster from college, my husband secretly wishes that it would break, because he hates the face of HK on his toast lol.


Kelly said...

I'm a big toaster user, have to get the son to school and me off to work quickly in the mornings and it is very handy. Here are some samples (some are mine, some are his:)slice of toast with peanutbutter or slice of cheese, Toaster Scramblers, Bagel Thins with anything, low fat or whole wheat Eggo waffles with peanut butter and jelly, bagels with cream cheese.

Former Fat Bride said...

How did you live?! I make just about every sandwich with toasted bread..lightly, just like you!

Jenn@slim-shoppin said...

That's a long time without a toaster!! We use ours pretty much every day!

*Whitney* said...

That's crazy! I don't know if we could go without a toaster for too long!

Love me a good BLT with turkey bacon. Yummmmmmm!!!

Kat said...

I don't use my toaster every day, but I definitely can't live without it. I would go so far as to say I love the darned thing ;)

Renee Paj said...

Don't use it everyday...but can't imagine life without one. :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

You didn't have a toaster!!!!?????

That is pure craziness!