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About Moi
My Name is Brittany, and I'm 23yrs old. I was diagnosed with Lupus when I was 15, and then diagnosed with RA, when I was 18. I also got married when I was 18, and I'm enjoying my happily ever after with my hubby! When I got married, I was slim and trim...But not for long. After getting married, I started to gain a LOT of weight! In 1yr, I gained 50lbs! Finally, I went to the Doctor, where I discovered I have low thyroid. After being put on medicine, my weight gain slowed down, although over the next 3yrs, I gained an additional 26lbs. When I was 20yrs old, I got yet another diagnoses of Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. That's 4 diagnoses in a 5yr period, if you lost count. They all effect my weight, in one way or another. Add on top of that, my love affair with food, and every 1 of those 76lbs gained was accounted for. Being 76lbs over weight is unhealthy for anyone, but it was especially unhealthy for me, and my health issues. Since starting this blog, in Jan-2010, I have lost 40lbs! I'm a new, slimmer, and healthier me! Before losing weight, I was told I needed knee replacements. Losing weight was the ONLY tool I had to help me hold off on that life changing surgery. Since losing 40lbs, my knees have never felt better! My husband and I are also trying to start a family, but my PCOS was not going to make it as easy as 1,2,3, as I didn't have periods on my own. My doctor had told me if I wanted a baby, I HAD to lose weight. Since losing 40lbs, I've had regular cycles for the first time in my life! Which is very important when trying to have a baby ;) This journey of mine is more than me simply wanting to wear skinny jeans. It has been a quest to becoming :Deliciously Healthy, so ALL of my dreams can come true! I'm almost half way there! With each new day, I get closer and closer to my goal of 120lbs, and becoming :Deliciously Healthy!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life happens

Lately, it seems like there's always something going on. Always some excuse as to why I can go off my diet "just for this one day." Whether it's a BBQ coming up, or a Birthday party, I find a reason to give myself a free pass to indulge, just this once. There are days when I'm not feeling well, or when I have a million things to do, so I tell myself I can take advantage of the convenience of fast-food... "just this once".

Today, we got the inside of our house painted.
This is the craziness that was my house today:I felt that I had a legitimate excuse to go off my diet "just for this one day", since I couldn't really use my kitchen. Half way through my burger and milk shake, commonsense hit me straight over the head...

Life happens. There's rarely ever going to be a perfect day for your healthy habits and routines. I'm always going to have busy days, sick days, parties to attend, vacations, visitors, and houses being painted. But I can't use these as an excuse to go off my diet "just for today". I have to learn to adapt. How to stay focused and to adjust to the curve balls life throws at you. I have to be aware of when I'm using an excuse as a crutch. Otherwise, I'm never going to get to where I'm going.

And that is what I learned today, while eating a cheeseburger.


Diandra said...

Most of the time, there are healthier alternative than a cheeseburger... although a cheeseburger a month most likely won't kill you, if the other choices are reasonable.

Enjoy your life, with everything along the way - even the chaos and the surprises... and the occasional cheeseburger... ^^

Kelly said...

How did the peach jam go? Wondering how it tasted with only 2 cups sugar. I was lazy this year and just made strawberry freezer jam with my son.

Carina said...

Ooh, I remember having a similar financial "life happens" realization when I got my first real job out of law school. It was like I had this theoretical plan of how much money I should be able to save each month or put toward loans/mortg/whatever, but after about 8 months, suddenly I realized that almost every month seemed to have a non-recurring expense, which actually meant these were recurring expenses and needed to go in the budget! Like I'd need 4 new tires one month, the next month would have a vacation, the month after that would be Xmas shopping, the next month was when 6 mos of auto insurance were due, the next month was a new mattress, the next month was airline tickets, etc. For the longest time, I kept thinking those months were abnormal -- and then I realized normal months have one freakish non-recurring expense almost every single month!

Bella said...

Hey, at least you thought of it. And now, next time, you can put it into practice. Adapting is good!

:Deliciously Healthy said...

Kelly- the peach jam came out great! Perfect amount of sweetness. And not just for me, but my husband too :)

Kat said...

I know what you mean about there never being a perfect time/day. Learning how to indulge in a manageable, reasonable way has definitely been the hardest part of my healthy living journey for that reason!

Corletta said...

Yup...this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. This is so true! There will ALWAYS be something that calls us to adapt.mut

They Call Me Hypo said...

This was a great cheeseburger lesson. I had a similar situation happen with my daughter recently. Life with kids throws an awful lot of curve balls. Which, PS: I hope you get to experience soon...the kids...not the curve balls. ;)

Anyway, I found myself using her as an excuse to pick up something quickly on our way to this place or that. One day it hit me... that fast food is just as bad for her as it is for me. Now I keep healthy snacks in the car at all times.
Good luck on your journey!